Scientific program

  • 12:00 Registration
    12:30 Welcome to the ECPR 2017 S. ter Horst/R. Nievelstein
    12:45 Ultrasound of the MSK system - technique & indications S. ter Horst (Utrecht, NL)
    13:15 CT & MRI of the MSK system - indications & protocols P. Humphries (London, UK)
    13:45 Nuclear Medicine of the MSK system - indications & protocols A. Glaudemans (Groningen, NL)
    14:15 Interventional radiology of the MSK system - non-vascular S. Chippington (London, UK)
    14:45 Coffee
    15:15 Normal bone development (including bone age assessment) K. Rosendahl (Bergen, NO)
    15:45 Common normal variants that may mimic disease S. Robben (Maastricht, NL)
    16:30 Vertebral column E. Beek (Utrecht, NL)
    17:00 Cases/Quiz S. ter Horst (Utrecht, NL)
    17:45 Welcome Reception

    8:30 Skeletal trauma - extremities S. Robben (Maastricht, NL)
    9:00 Skeletal trauma - spinal column I. Barber (Barcelona, SP)
    9:30 Skeletal trauma - non-accidental injury R. van Rijn (Amsterdam, NL)
    10:00 Sporttrauma - Upper limb I. Barber (Barcelona, SP)
    10:30 Coffee
    11:00 Sporttrauma - Lower limb M. Maas (Amsterdam, NL)
    11:30 Hipdysplasia E. Beek (Utrecht, NL)
    12:00 Painful hip L. Tanturri de Horatio (Rome, IT)
    12:30 Lunch
    13:30 Skeletal dysplasias A. Offiah (Sheffield, UK)
    14:00 Congenital limb malformations R. Nievelstein (Utrecht, NL)
    14:30 Metabolic diseases A. Offiah (Sheffield, UK)
    15:00 Coffee
    15:30 Bone marrow imaging - technique, normal development & disease L-S. Ording Muller (Oslo, NO)
    16:30 Cases/Quiz S. ter Horst (Utrecht, NL)
    19:00 Get Together dinner

    8:30 Infection (including CRMO) M. Cirillo (Rome, IT)
    9:00 Myo-inflammatory disorders B. Damasio (Genova, IT)
    9:30 Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis - Small & large joints K. Rosendahl (Bergen, NO)
    10:30 Coffee
    11:00 Bone tumours: Benign P. Petit (Marseille, FR)
    11:30 Bone tumours: Malignant S. ter Horst (Utrecht, NL)
    12:00 Soft tissue tumours - non-vascular P. Petit (Marseille, FR)
    12:30 Lunch
    13:30 Vascular malformations - diagnosis and therapy A. Barnacle (London, UK)
    14:00 Cases/Quiz S. ter Horst
    14:30 Exam
    15:30 Adjourn, Have a safe trip home! S. ter Horst/R. Nievelstein