Educational Grants

ESPR EDUCATIONAL GRANTS to support attendance to ECPR 2017, Utrecht, The Netherlands, October 11-13, 2017.

The ESPR is pleased to announce that the board has agreed to provide financial support to eligible radiologists in training to attend the ECPR in Utrecht in 2017. The following criteria will apply.

1) TRAINING: The grants are only available for radiologists in training (residents/fellows). Training status needs to be confirmed by a written, dated and signed letter from the applicant’s training coordinator/supervisor/head of training.

2) AGE: The applicant must be 32 years or younger on the 11th October 2017.

3) NEW APPLICANTS: In order to allow more people to attend our meetings applicants of previous year’s ECPR educational grants are not eligible this year round.

4) REINBURSEMENT: the grant will only cover the registration costs of the course for residents/fellows. The approved applicants must pay the registration costs themselves and these costs will be reimbursed to the applicant AFTER the course and confirmation of attendance. This will require the bank details of the grant receiver together with the confirmation of attendance to be forwarded to our office.

5) MEMBERSHIP: Members of the ESPR will be given preference.

6) The grant applications need to be submitted by 8th September 2017.

7) The decision of the board is final.

8) Updates on the grants can be found on the ECPR 2017 website.

How to apply. Instructions for applicants

1) Follow the link to the ECPR 2017 website and go to the tab “Meeting information/Educational Grants”.

2) Download the attached application form. Print the form, fill it appropriately and sign it.

3) Please provide a signed dated letter from your training supervisor/ director/ head of training confirming your current training status and position.

4) Scan the application form and the letter confirming your training status and
email both to: with the heading “Educational grant application for ECPR 2017”

5) The ESPR board will consider the applications after the closing date and will respond by email once all applications have been reviewed by the selection committee and final decisions have been taken.

Application form 2017 educational grants

The ESPR board
August 2017